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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. play action, it goes against the grain. davis in the clear. penalty marker down and davis down the sideline out of bounds. >> and touchdown, the redskins proving they are a force to be reckoned. with the burgundy and gold won its 10th game against the
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texans, but did they pull off their second win of the season? gunfire in downtown frederick, when the dust settled, a man dead. but there are questions about how he died. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm will thomas. police were called out three times to break up a domestic dispute at a home and on the fourth call they were forced to shoot an armed man with a rifle. >> frederick police are still in the process trying to figure out exactly what took place this morning. they say they were responding to that same home for the third time. that's when a man was spotted with a rifle. soon after there was gunfire and one man was dead. frederick police say it was a busy night for them when it came to the 200 block of market street. three times they were called to the same home to break up disputes. >> there were three calls, i believe, not in rapid succession, but within a fairly
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close proximity timewise. >> reporter: the third response happened just before 6 a.m. when officers got there, they found an injured woman and a man not too far away in this parking area. neighbors pointed the area out to us and we found crime scene tape here as well. here's what police say happened next. >> they were trying to approach him to make contact with him. shots -- a shot was fired and the officer felt that he was in danger at that point and responded to that shot firing several rounds. >> reporter: but what exactly happened is not known for sure. police say the man, 28-year-old owe livier cohen -- olivier cohen was spotted with a rifle. it's unclear if he shot at the officers or that single shot heard was that of cohen shooting himself. still the officer felt the need to protect himself. >> the gunshot was heard by the officers that were responding and at this point everything of that nature is still under
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investigation by our criminal investigation division and some of those determinations are yet to be made. >> reporter: cohen was pronounced dead at the scene. the officer was not hit. the scene outside the cohen home in germantown friends of the family told us off camera that they have a hard time believing cohen would have attempted to harm a police officer. meanwhile police say the officer who fired at hoe hen is a four year veteran -- cohen is a four year veteran on the force and has been placed on routine administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. we did try to speak with the cohen family at their home, but they declined. frederick police say they recovered a rifle from the scene. an autopsy will be conducted to find out if the gunshot wound was self-inflicted or if it was the officer's bullet that killed chone. >> thank you. -- cohen. >> thank you. what was called into 911 as a fall has now been ruled a murder and the victim's husband stands accused. police received a call saturday
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that the wife of steven loaf combs-lafleur had fallen -- combs-lafleur had fallen but he has been accused of murder. 41 theresa lewis is scheduled to die by lethal injection at the maximum security prison in jarrett on thursday. she pleaded guilty in 2003 to two counts of capital murder for hire. her husband and stepson were the victims. the other big story we're following tonight, saying good- bye to a giant of civil rights, politics and education. dr. ronald waters did not live an extravagant life but helped to shape the lives of millions in washington and around the country. his resume was impressive but at memorial service today what most people were impressed with was the man. fox 5's roby chavez with how doctor walters is being remembered. >> we are thankful for the privilege of knowing him, of
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being taught by him. >> reporter: at howard university it was a steady stream of praise for dr. ron walters and healing thoughts for his family. >> something vast and noble has passed from among us. it is like a mighty oak has fallen leaving an empty and gaping and against the sky. ♪i believe the children are our future ♪ >> reporter: the 72-year-old was considered the brain trust of the civil rights movement. today a long list of those me mentored spoke about the man who talked to the powerful and the powerless with the same gentleness. many were humbled in his presence. >> thank you, dr. walters, thank you, sir, because you never lowered the bar.
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in fact, you raised it so high that some of us had to stand on our toes to try to reach your expectations of us and we promised to stop being so petty. >> reporter: it all started at a lunch counter in wichita, kansas, in 1958 when walters took a seat even before sit-ins caught the headlines protesting segregation. walters went on to be a teacher, author and advisor to politicians. his former students like congressman elijah cummings have gone on to greatness. >> thank you for seeing in us what we could not see in ourselves and thank you, thank you so, so much for making us realize that we could be better. we're so sad that you left us so soon, but we thank you for leaving us so much. [ applause ] >> reporter: at howard
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university roby chavez, fox 5 news. >> and he will be missed. walters spent 25 years at howard university before becoming director of the african american leadership institute at the university of maryland. he was to return to howard this fall. let's get a check of the weather now, another gorgeous day to be outside if you could, not exactly the tropics but sure, people are out running around, maybe doing a little fishing. you needed your sunscreen. gwen tolbart, a lot of us hoping to start off the week with much the same. what do you say? >> we've got some sunshine for people. things will take a change during the course of the week. today's highs were not bad, pretty close to seasonal and to a little above, 7 to 8 degrees above seasonal, right now we're 75 degrees and 72 at annapolis and 71 degrees at dulles. so for tonight we are talking mostly some cloudy skies, light winds, 63 degrees your overnight low, winds from the west switching northwest and we're also going to have a
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really good luck and an update on what's happening with hurricane igor and tropical storm julia because we've got some changes coming up in our forecast as well and they just might be a factor in that. i'll have the details coming up a bit later. back to you. the redskins were trying to do something they hadn't done in three years, start season 2- 0 and of after last year's 4-12 record that would be a major improvement to say the least. sports director dave feldman on deck with the low down on today's roller coaster ride. it went into overtime, too, didn't it, feldy? >> let's just say this one will sting for a bit. the redskins looked really good and they had a 17-point lead in the 3rd quarter. they just couldn't hold on. skins leading 20-10 in the 3rd quarter deep in texans territory. donovan mcnabb finds chris cooley, 22 yards for the touchdown. mcnabb threw for 426 yards. just over two minutes.
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texans closed it 27-20, 4th and of 10 matt schaub finds andre johnson who outleads 43 yards for your equalizer, going to o.t. tied at 27. mike shanahan can't believe it. skins have a chance. there was a 52-yarder that didn't count because of a houston time-out, second time around pushes it wide. so the texans drive 41 yards of seven plays and his counterpart neil rackers has just the 35- yarder and it's perfect. houston scores the final 20 points of the game to win 30- 27, a heartbreaking loss for the washington redskins. >> that type of game is always tough to lose. you have your opportunities to put the game away and you don't take advantage of it. that's what happened today. i thought our football team played extremely hard. we had our opportunities a number of times to kind of seal it and didn't get it done. >> i never at any point thought we were going to lose the ballgame even once they got
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into overtime. felt like we could still win the ballgame. didn't happen for us today. >> both quarterbacks threw for more than 400 yards, the first time that's happened in an nfl game since 1994. coming up on sports extra much more on why the skins couldn't hold their big lead and an update on trent williams, the rookie tackle who went down with a knee injury. >> tough break. thank you for that. an american hiker detained in iran since july is finally back home, tonight the message from sarah shourd from iran and the people she was forced to leave behind including her fiancee. disturbing news discovered by police had everyone worried about whether they were even alive. tonight where cult members turned up and what they were doing. it was not just any picnic. sure, the weather was great, but the smiles here have everything to do with celebrating life. >> we are just getting starting here on the 10:00. we'll sneak in a quick break and be right back. stay with us. úh>h
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the aftershock of recent tea party victories still
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rippling through the republican party, yet the woman getting all the buzz bows out of the sunday talk show circuit, plus a former president says he understands tea party voters. fox 5's melanie alnwick has the highlights. >> reporter: what to make of the tea party victories and their impact on the november elections. on fox news sunday former bush advisor karl rove said the wins aren't that surprising. >> message trumps resume every day of the week. message with resume like we have in alaska is a powerful combination. >> reporter: chris wallace pressed alaska victor joe miller on how he'd act differently than the gop. >> we have a contract with the people and their government. right now that contract has been broken. social security, for example, if we look at this system and say don't need reform, forget about it, plug our heads in the sand, this bankruptcy is going to go away, that is entirely irresponsible and that is the failed approach of those in the senate right now.
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>> reporter: christine o'donnell who won the nomination in delaware was a no show on fox news sunday and cbs' state the nation citing mental exhaustion after this video of hers surfaced. her campaign denies a connection. >> no matter how strong the tea party is or how much move for change, at the end of the day people in delaware, a small state, will focus on her, her past statements, what she's saying now and this is not a good start. >> reporter: also on face the nation former president bill clinton said he gets the tea party ground swell. >> the tea partyiness recollection, if you will -- party insurrection, if you will, reflects the feeling of a lot of americans that they're getting the shaft. >> reporter: clinton followed that up with an appearance on meet the press. >> what are the specifics? what really matters is what we're going to do and right now they've elected a lot of people who are articulate and
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attractive, but it's not clear what their specifics are. >> reporter: one thing they all agree on, the next six weeks or sore going to get interesting. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> all the pundits were on the morning talk shows. the first family headed over to church at st. johns episcopal. that's located on the other side of lafayette square from the white house. this is the fourth time the obamas attended st. johns and it's certainly popular with presidents. every sitting president since james madison has visited. france's first couple? new york ahead of the millennium development goal summit. france's first lady carla bruni recently made headlines as the author of a new book quoting my show obama that life in the white house was hell. representatives for both families denied the statement ever happened but the book will be on shelves in france later this week. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad is calling efforts
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towards his country's nuclear program pathetic. he said it's turned the united nation sanctions into an economic opportunity. he arrived today in new york ahead of the general assembly. hillary clinton said iran is suffering because of those sanctions. >> the information we're getting is that the iranian regime is quite worried about the impact only their banking system, on their economic growth because they've already encountered some tough economic times and this is, you know, making it more costly. >> ahmadinejad said he is not blocking inspections from the u.n. but the international atomic agency says its inspectors have not been allowed to do their jobs. after more than a year in an a rainian prison sarah shourd is back on u.s. soil, but iran's president said if the u.s. wants the release of her fiancee and friend, it's going to have to give in order to receive. we have more details on the homecoming in new york. >> reporter: relief at last. >> as we say in arabic praise
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be to god. >> reporter: american sarah shourd who was detained in an iranian prison since july, 2009 has returned home. >> getting on the plane in tehran was one of the most memorable and important moments of my life. >> reporter: but shourd's fiancee shane bauer and friend josh fattal remain imprisoned in tehran. >> we've committed no crimes and we are not spies. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton ahead of week long talks with the united nations said iran should let bauer and fattal go in what would be viewed as a major concession by iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. great relief. i was so pleased that this young woman was able to come home. i want the other two young americans, josh and shane, to come home as well. >> reporter: prior to taking part in the u.n. discussions ahmadinejad called shourd's release a humanitarian gesture countering saying the u.s. continues to hold iranian
10:19 pm
political prisoners captive and should also be willing to make concessions of their own. >> it would not be misplaced to ask that the u.s. government should make a humanitarian gesture to release the iranians who were illegally arrested and detained here in the united states. >> reporter: the hikers were charged with spying in july of 2009 after they say they accidentally strayed into iran. u.s. officials and their families maintain their innocence. the hikers' mothers pray for their quick release. >> again a mother's hope is never going to end. it's always going to be strong. >> reporter: the mothers of shane bauer and josh fattal say they requested a meeting with iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad to ask for the release of their sons. in new york peter ducie, fox news. 13 cult members who disappeared and made investigators fear for their safety have been found. the california group is part of what's described as a religious sect. this is video of the home they
10:20 pm
lived in. a neighbor tipped off deputies about where the group was staying. they left disturbing notes at their homes and left behind things people would normally take with them. >> there were notes we're going to go meet jesus, as you said, we're going to go meet our relatives who are deceased, looking forward to it. there were personal belongingsed, deeds to home, cash. there were items that would lead you to believe that somebody is leaving it behind. >> so it certainly looked bad, but the leader of the group is now hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation after behaving strangely during a police interview. she told police she had no children, but she has two and they were actually with her at the time. a major milestone for three pastors finally recognized by their church and it has nothing to do with their gender. how they're breaking historic ground and giving new hope of acceptance for many. and homeless but not hopeless, one man paying it
10:21 pm
forward with an unexpected gift giving dozens like him a new lease on life. we'll be right back with that. 
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pope benedict wrapped up his trip to the uk with an open air mass today. despite protests over the church's handling of their sex abuse scandals involving priests and the church's anti- gay standing catholic officials are calling the trip a success and while in england the pope baufied a man. three pastors that are gay and lesbian have been formally recognized by the lutheran church. >> reporter: the three lesbian pastors are among the first in the nation to be officially recognized by the evangelical lutheran church in america. the bishop calls take day of opening doors -- it a day of
10:25 pm
opening doors. during a ceremony filled with song and praise, the congregation is united for three pastors once excluded. >> what a long awaited glorious day. >> reporter: now reverend anita hill, reverend phyllis zillhart and reverend ruth frost are breaking historic ground. >> it's a thrill to be here at this day. i wasn't ever sure it was going to come and i'm delighted that today is here. >> reporter: the pastors helped pave the way for this rite of passage struggling for equality throughout their careers. reverend hill served as pastor of a st. paul church even when the elca did not accept her. >> it's a day that we are received fully as partners in the church. it's a day that stands for hundreds and hundreds of people who were never sure they were welcome in the pews if they weren't welcome in the pulpit and today all that changes. >> reporter: after the pastor's official welcome their names will be added to the elca
10:26 pm
clergy roster, a right previously denied. in august, 2009 the church voted to allow gays and lesbians in committed relationships to officially serve as clergy. now the st. paul synod is recognizing the change. the pastors hope their acceptance sends a message to the gay and lesbian community. >> i hope that it will be the beginning of healing for a whole population that has felt disenfranchised and marginalized. >> reporter: several congregations have fought against the landmark decision and even separated from the church based on their religious conviction, but the people gathered here believe this day is about unity. >> it's always going to be working together within change, within diverse opinions and we listen to one another and we learn and we find our common humanity and we can grow together. >> the three pastors have served a combined 60 years in ministry. they are children who have fought and won a battle many of
10:27 pm
us can't even imagine. >> now they're meeting each other and the heros who helped save their lives, plus see their special connection to some four-legged friends. and he didn't have much. in fact, he was homeless. so how and why did this man donate thousands to help others just like him? hear his story when we return. 
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. getting a chance to get outside and play is important for kids and certainly easy on a day like we had today. >> certainly was, but for some kid this day was even more beautiful because of the life saving treatment they received. fox 5's tisha thompson has the story. >> reporter: for most kids running around the playground is no big deal, but 10-year-old daniel copeland told us he knows he's lucky as he showed off what's left of his two heart surgeries. >> so they see my scar because my shirt hangs down sometimes.
10:31 pm
i say oh, i had trunkisartriosis and they say what the heck is that and i say it's like a problem with the arteries and they had to like make a new heart for me. >> reporter: daniel is one of nearly 200 kids who came to a picnic held by inova hospital for children. to get into this party you had to have heart surgery when you were very little. >> well, when i was born, i had a problem and i had to go to like -- and i had to go into a hospital then. >> reporter: leah murray was born win verted heart vessels requiring open heart surgery -- with inverted heart vessels requiring open heart surgery, angioplasty and a stent. his parents drove in from pittsburgh so he could thank his doctors. >> thank you for fixing my heart and i love being at the party. >> a lot of times we see them when they are sick and we don't see them later on when they grow up and are well.
10:32 pm
so this is a way for us to celebrate in terms of how well they're doing. >> reporter: the doctors also invited a different kind of cardiac patient to the party. the kids were thrilled to see dogs with heart problems like their own. >> i like to see the dogs and some of them have heart defects, so i think that's really cool. >> reporter: their parents say these kids tend to grow up too fast because they've had very grown-up surgeries. so it's nice to remember that a dog can sometimes bring out the little kid in all of us. in mcclain, tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >> daniel's mother says he has to have heart surgery every couple years as he outgrows some of his valves, but daniel says he doesn't mind because they always make sure they put him to sleep before they start surgery. the 2010 homeless world cup games are underway in brazil. hundreds of men and women from over 60 countries are gathering to raise awareness about homelessness by playing soccer. the event attracts more than 25,000 people.
10:33 pm
the championship has been hosted by cities like my lap and copien -- milan and copenhagen. now some virginia nonprofits are getting a boost they really didn't anticipate. fox 5's beth parker tells us it's coming from an unexpected place. >> reporter: jerry mcclard is days from turning 65 putting his life in order, giving some money to charity. in fact, there are places -- they're places he thinks saved his life. >> if i hadn't lived here, i might not be talking to you today. >> reporter: jerry is homeless. since february of 2002 he's lived here at the winchester rescue mission. jerry does the laundry and answers the phone. he's saved up money from his social security checks. now he's donating $1,000 to the mission, $1,000 to the nonprofit community coalition action project and $500 to a free clinic. >> he had the opportunity, could he have done whatever he wanted with -- he could have done whatever he wanted with that, but his heart told him to give it where it's most needed.
10:34 pm
>> reporter: some of the money jerry donated will go to this program. the idea is for men who come to the mission and need help to be able to come here to this warehouse and learn a trade. >> just giving back what people have given me. >> reporter: vicki mcclellan runs the free clinic of the northern sheen toe 0 valley. the donation -- shenandoah valley. the donation? >> it just stopped me in my tracks. it just touched my heart and to know that he had the appreciation and understanding of the value of the services we provided. >> reporter: in return jerry asks for one thing from all of us. when you see people who are homeless remember -- >> they're people, too. >> we asked jerry why he didn't use the money to rent an apartment. he says he loves being at the shelter. he works there seven days a week. mushroom house, flintstone house, some even call it a hobbit house. no doubt this house made of foam is the talk of the neighborhood. still ahead taking you inside on how you can be the new owner if the price is right.
10:35 pm
>> i was hoping you were going to say house one more time. hospitals across our area gearing up for an influx of patients. so what's behind the rush? the answer is coming your way. >> plenty of clear skies over our area and high pressure and a slight little cool front that moved through, but to the south a totally different story. we're dealing with a major hurricane. i'll have the details on our five-day forecast and an update on igor coming up. stay with us. cun ayausutp ayceusme
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booming is never looking for a check in the mail. because it's already in my email.  this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. feldy, it looked like they were going to pull this one out. we were all so hopeful and what went wrong? >> then the other side made a go of it, right? >> they played one week, but against dallas it was the defense that was so strong and the offense that struggled. today totally opposite. >> then there was this certain time-out. >> gary kubiak and the texans called a great time-out that froze the kicker gay notice who made it. they had -- ganoe who made it. then they had to make it again. tough way to go. this one will stink for quite
10:39 pm
some time. redskins had it. the offense was clicking. this could have been a signature win for the new mike shanahan era only it wasn't. late 3rd quarter, redskins in front 20-10 and driving. mcnabb, chris cooley, 22 yards for the touchdown. redskins with their biggest lead 27-10. mcnabb passed for 426 yards. over two minutes left, texans cut the deficit 27-20. matt schaub steps up and finds andre johnson. it's a 34-yard touchdown to even the game at 27 in the overtime we go. redskins miss the field goal from 32 yards out but the texans split the uprights from 35 yards to give the texans the win 35-27. lindsay murphy now with more. >> reporter: the redskins led by as many as 17 late in the 3rd quarter but outscored by 20 point late in the game. as a result the texans get
10:40 pm
their first win e in overtime and the redskins -- ever in overtime and the redskins are feeling stunned. >> it's frustrating that we had the game won and we lost. >> thursday. any loss is going to hurt, but as a professional you have to know you have to do it again. >> reporter: while both quarterbacks threw for over 400 yards in this game, matt schaub stole the show throwing for a franchise record 497 yards. from fedex field lindsay murphy, fox 5 sports. bears and dallas on the cowboys home opener, chicago down 7-3. olson 39 yards, bears led 10-7 and maureen umeh is very excited. 2nd quarter bears trail 14-10. now she's sad but jay cutler lobs it into the end zone for devin hester and now she's happy again. cutler with three touchdowns and the bears beat the cowboys 27-20. cowboys 0-2. eagles visiting the lions, michael vick making his first start since december, '06. 1st quarter vick drops back and
10:41 pm
finds tayshaun jackson and the former california golden bear goes 45 yards for the score. vick 21-34, two tds. eagles hold on for the win. john harbaugh and the ravens with another road test against the bengals. late 4th quarter ravens trail 12-10, joe flacco's pass tipped and intercepted by brendan johnson leading to a fifth cincinnati field goal. raines fall to the bengals 15- 10. -- ravens fall to the bengals 15-10. >> see you in sports extra. still ahead on fox 5 news at 10:00 the blizzards we saw this past winter creating a storm of activity at local hospitals. we'll explain after the break. n i thought i parked on level 2.
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minneapolis. the house you are about to see is truly a piece of history and a piece of art. we'll go inside. >> reporter: from the moment you step onto this property it's fair to say that it is very unique. a lot of people have had the chance to see the house from the outside, but today we got a chance to see it from the inside. >> it's a little different than what your normal house is. >> reporter: the outside has intrigued people for years. >> well, isn't that slick? >> reporter: so when the doors opened for an open house, neighbors jumped at the chance to take a look. >> it really just blows your mind. it's crazy. it's totally '60s. >> when you walk in it's a lot brighter than i thought it was going to be. >> if i can sell this, i can sell just about anything. >> reporter: dana murray has become the real estate agent and a bit of a tour guide. >> there are no square feet. we have a square toilet. >> reporter: built in 1969 murray has been told the home is centered around a 22-foot cement structure and secured by support cables that stretch all
10:46 pm
the way outside. >> it's not really made out of wood. it's made out of this stuff. >> reporter: the molded roof and walls are made up of layers of burlap, chicken wire, 2 by 2s and lots of foam. >> structure really i'm told it's incredibly strong. >> reporter: the original owner has passed but her daughter who has it up for sale remembers helping make the house when she was just 14 years old. >> she said it was fun to decide how we formed the walls and which way they should turn. mom didn't like a wall. it was over here, so she took something and cut it out and foamed right over it and said now i like it. this is great. >> reporter: in 1970 the home was featured in life magazine and has since hosted countless events and for many considered a piece of local history. >> growing up in the '70s this would be like a really fun party house. >> reporter: after four decades much of the mechanics need work. >> i've been intense figuring on. this. >> reporter: for most of them the living style isn't for them. >> i could picture myself living in the woods here
10:47 pm
knocking down the home maybe. >> it's a mushroom home. >> but it was somebody's home and they loved it. >> reporter: the original owners called it insculptic. truly one of a kind. >> it seems like a shame to tear it down. i just don't know what else you'd do with it other than invite people over and say look. >> reporter: the house sits on 8.4 acres of property. so for $237,000, the house is essentially free. >> we were all looking for fred and wilma flintstone to walk out. no joke here, hurricane igor is taking a turn for the worse on bermuda tonight. large waves are hitting the island's southern beaches. the category 1 hurricane is expected to drop 6 to 9 inches of rain and hit the area with winds of 75 miles per hour. some forecasters sabre maude a will experience hurricane conditions -- say bermuda will experience hurricane conditions, though tomorrow it has been reduced to a cat 1.
10:48 pm
the big concern is sustained winds. >> closer to home, we've certainly had very nice weather, no complaints here. i didn't really sneak a peek at 6:00. i saw that 90-degree temperature coming. >> no complaints. can we get the big maureen umeh smile. >> i always smile. >> changes in the week ahead. >> depends what you like and what you don't. >> can we focus on the good just for a moment? >> it's all good because it's weather whether you like it or not. >> pretty nice outside. we've got some clouds rolling in, but it was a spectacular weekend. i really hope you got a chance to get outside. i know both will and maureen did get out and that's great. the week is starting with a bit of sun and some clouds in the forecast rolling in tonight and midweek we've got hot and humid weather that will sneak its way into the forecast and we're heading for the first day of fall, but it's coming well above seasonal. chance of rain in my forecast
10:49 pm
well ahead and when we're speaking about igor, we'll give you an update, still a very dangerous storms in term of what it's doing for bermuda now and how they have to deal with it. here at home very calm conditions. today's high 7 to 8 degrees above seasonal, 85 degrees at national, 86 at dulles, 84 degrees at baltimore. temperatures right now not too bad. it's fairly comfortable outside, 75 at national, 68 gaithersburg, to the west 76 for martinsburg and 73 degrees at winchester this hour, 72 degrees at fredericksburg and we've got 72 degrees at annapolis, 71 at baltimore, so not bad at all. temperatures are going to really start to soar and i'm talking about that midweek steamy heat-up. all of this down to the south will move its way straight up the mid-atlantic. we'll get a real influx of warmer air and our temperature will be well above seasonal where it really even shouldn't be this time of year, even more so than today. igor now 60 miles west, southwest of bermuda in the next few hours expected the
10:50 pm
center will pass over or very near the island. the track really had it more west of the island but certainly a very powerful dangerous storm now. by the time we get into monday it's going to become extra tropical and start to lose its tropical conditions fairly rapidly once it moves more to the north atlantic into the much cooler water, but we're also talking about affecting areas along the eastern seaboard where on the u.s. east coast we're talking about large swells and very dangerous rip currents. julia is dying out and by tomorrow will become nothing but a remnant low and remnants will be actually absorbed by igor as both storms head up to the north atlantic. winds now for igor at 75 miles per hour. that's what we'll be dealing with in terms of that. here at home partly cloudy overnight, frontal system moving its way through, ridge of high pressure builds in behind it. some patchy fog for the early morning hours tomorrow and then we're left with mainly sunshine, just a few clouds. it's not going to be all bad tomorrow, a pretty nice day. here's a look at your dayplanner. by about midday tomorrow we'll
10:51 pm
see a few clouds and be at around 75 degrees. here's your forecast for you, then. tonight we are talking mainly cloudy skies, very light winds, 63 degrees. then we're back to the sunshine tomorrow with still a few clouds. we might have patchy fog for your morning commute and warm up to around 80 degrees tomorrow which is pretty close on the mark where we be, a very light northerly wind 5 to 10 miles an hour. we've got an upper level disturbance moving across the area through midweek, a 90- degree day wednesday. humidity sneaks in the backdoor, 30% chance of thunderstorms wednesday, same story for thursday, that heat and humidity making the atmosphere a bit unstable and an upper level disturbance to the north of us. so much needed rainfall in that forecast. we don't know what we'll get for sure, but hopefully we won't have storms that are severe. >> thanks. it may be balmy and 80s, even 90s at least one day this week, but it wasn't that long ago when we were snowed in from the blizzard of 2010.
10:52 pm
snow covered side streets, stranded a lot of you at home. now it looks like we are seeing the results of all that togetherness. fox 5's laura evans reports why local hospitals are expecting another sort of blizzard in the next few weeks. >> reporter: in february washington was brought to a standstill by one of the worst blizzards in the city's history. burying the region under nearly 2 feet of snow, some people braved the outdoors walking, sight seeing, shoveling while others retreat indoors. >> measuring just about what you should based on gestational age. >> reporter: and now nearly nine months after the massive storm a blizzard of babies is due. >> we've seen a tremendous surge as we get into the fall for the number of deliveries. last year we did about 1,350 deliveries and we're expecting we may actually get to 200 more deliveries this year. >> it's most definitely a by- product of the blizzard.
10:53 pm
>> reporter: miller said he and his wife laura were trying to have a baby and the blizzard made for perfect conditions. >> you need to have plenty of free time. so that worked out well. >> reporter: this family health and birth center in d.c. is also getting ready for a baby boom in october. we knew a long time ago we were going to be busy at this time. obviously people come for prenatal care months in advance. i have engaged some extra help. >> reporter: but at the same time cynthia flynn, a nurse midwife, is preparing for the extra birth, she's not really buying into the blizzard baby phenomenon. >> it's one of those urban myths that everybody likes to think and it is much heavier than usual, but whether it's enough to be like statistically significant, don't know. >> reporter: dr. oscar mims begs to differ as he prepares for the volume of birth. >> it's very real. >> reporter: he says his clients readily admit they're carrying blizzard babies. >> patient tells you we had nothing else to do. we were bored. we were just too close.
10:54 pm
>> reporter: so winter boredom for couples now leading to sleepless nights for parents. laura evans, fox 5 news. >> guess we'll see. >> not a myth. you heard the doctor. it's real. >> they were bored. we all know getting eight hours of sleep is key to a healthy lifestyle. >> but that might not be the case for all of you, so what is your sleep number? still ahead who researchers now think need less than the recommended eight hours. and in minutes on the news edge fired oval divisions of racism, tonight shirley sherrod speaking out, her message of redemption to a local congregation.
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
a health alert on those pesky bedbugs. nike's flagship nike town store in new york city is the latest to temporarily close because of an infestation. the store hopes to reopen soon. several new york city businesses have been hit by a bedbug infestation in recent
10:58 pm
months including a times square movie theater, google's manhattan office and the empire state building. we've all heard the stories about how people are often sleep deprived. maybe you are among them. >> every day. but a recent british study say the older we get, the less sleep we actually may need. so what is the real deal? here's scott wasserman with some answers. >> i'm a massage therapist. i need my sleep. >> reporter: for many sleep starts with the bed. >> i want something with really good support that conforms to my body. >> reporter: as a massage therapist jamie sidoti works hard at getting her patients to sleep better, especially the elderly. >> as you get older it deteriorates. that is why you nap more. >> reporter: for years it's been taught and believed by many that sleep goes downhill as you get older, but new research contradicts that theory. >> many people in their 80s and 90s that sleep perfectly normally. >> reporter: dr. mark
10:59 pm
mulholland is the director of the minnesota sleep regional disorder center and says there is growing evidence the elderly don't need as much sleep. >> the reduced sleep that they're getting is just part of the aging process and nothing to worry about and they shouldn't lie in bed an extra half hour trying to get that sleep that they don't need. >> reporter: the study it also showed even as older people get less sleep, they are less sleepy during the day as well. these are important findings that can help the elderly. >> they're having a lot of trouble sleeping at night or if they're way too sleepy during the day, that's not just because they're older. it's because of something else that may be diagnoseable and more importantly, treatable. >> reporter: those are the thoughts of sleep experts, but what about those experiencing the change? us? of all, i'm not older, but i would -- first of all, i'm not older, but i would definitely say you sleep less. >> reporter: steve buckner is in his 50s and when he watched his parents get older and not needing as much sleep, it didn't surprise him when

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